Tips for Treating Bad Breath

If you have chronic bad breath you know how much of a problem it can be. Luckily there are some natural remedies you can use to keep the smell of your breath fresh all day long.

These home remedies for bad breath work by eliminating the bacteria responsible for the foul odor. You want to make sure you use the remedies daily to keep the bad bacteria from reproducing and building up in your mouth. The more you keep this bacteria under control the less your breath will smell funky as a result.

Best Home Remedies for Bad Breath







Unsweetened Tea - One of the best home remedies for bad breath is unsweetened sweat tea because it keeps the bad bacteria under control for a short time. You want to make sure it's unsweetened tea because the sugar in sweetened tea will cause the bad bacteria to grow out of control. You can find various brands of unsweetened tea at your local grocery store.

Yogurt - On it states one of the best home remedies for bad breath is yogurt because it contains a lot of probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help eliminate the bad bacteria. The more friendly bacteria you introduce into your mouth the better. You want to make sure it's unsweetened and plain yogurt for it to work the best. When you eat this yogurt eat it slowly so it can really hit all areas inside your mouth and kill the bacteria inside.

Lemons - Lemons have been used as a home remedy for years to cure various different health problems. This is because it contains a lot of powerful antibacterial properties and antibiotics. When it comes to treating bad breath it works by eliminating the bad bacteria in your mouth. To use lemons simply squeeze the juice into a cup of warm water and gargle it like you would mouthwash. When you're done gargling your mouth out with the lemon rinse spit it out.

Apples - Apples are a great source of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. However, it can also help eliminate bad breath by purifying your mouth when you eat it. To use apples as a bad breath home remedy simply eat a fresh apple and allow it to clean your mouth as you do it.

Zinc - Any food that is a great source of zinc can be used to treat bad breath naturally. The zinc properties inside the food will help eliminate the odor inside your mouth and keep it fresh.